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Sakura Finetek offers a Total Histopathology Lab Solution

Sakura Finetek is an international manufacturer of extremely reliable, high quality products for the medical profession. Sakura has achieved its success and solidified its reputation by providing timely, ingenious solutions to the real challenges laboratories face on a day-to-day basis. Our rich history has given us a thorough understanding of technology, quality, reliability, value for money and our customer’s requirements. We use this knowledge and passion to develop products that anticipate developments in both technology and market need.

SMART Automation, Ready when you are
Histopathology laboratories are facing many changes, just like the rest of the world. People’s workloads are increasing while the number of skilled staff is reduced. SMART Automation is the logical next step to enhance laboratory performance. Maximize your laboratory’s productivity, while reporting better turnaround times and consistent quality, using the same resources.
Millions of patients around the world have benefited from better and faster diagnoses offered by the histopathology laboratories that have implemented SMART Automation.


Feather Safety Razor is a manufacturer of quality products in both the Histology and Pathology fields.

The list of products include:

  • Disposable Microtome Blades
  • Standard, One-touch and Cryostat Microtome Blade Holders
  • Trimming Knife Handles and Blades
  • Autopsy Blade Handles and Blades
  • Dissecting Blade Handles and Blades
  • Replaceable Blade Scissors#45 and Blades
  • Separate available parts and accessories