SUCCESS and INTEGRITY – Two core values The Scientific Group incorporated into our Human Rights Day celebrations. 

A “Family Tree” to remind us that each and every one plays an integral part in upholding our core values was painted and is now proudly displayed at our Head Office in Johannesburg.

Other activities in celebration of Human Rights Day included visiting safe houses.  Our teams in CT and DBN are sharing their stories below.



Join us as we honor the 100-year anniversary of PYREX and Corning’s shared story of extraordinary achievements. 

Corning's invention of PYREX set a global standard for laboratory glassware that continues to be the scientists' choice a century later.


HORIBA Medical presents its new brand "Yumizen". From now on, "Yumizen" is the new name for all future analyzers and solutions including Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Care Products. This name is a combination of the words "Yumi" and "Zen", two strong yet diverse words together.

SAMBA® HIV Diagnostics platform from Diagnostics for the Real World

The SAMBA (Simple AMplification Based Assay) system is an innovative nucleic acid-based rapid test particularly suitable for HIV diagnostics. A key feature is its ability to provide a “test and treat” facility at the point-of-care and, critically, to do so in resource-limited areas where reliable diagnosis and monitoring would otherwise be unavailable.  

ichroma™ Portable Automatic Immunoassay Analyzers from Boditech Med Inc

Since being establishment in 1998, Boditech Med Inc. has provided high quality in vitro diagnostics analyzers and reagents to customers worldwide and are currently committed to providing over 70 countries with two main products:  ichroma and hemochroma Plus. The Company's biomarkers produce a wide range of quantitative test results by using these novel portable analyzers.