Tissue culture


Bioprocessing Media and Supplements

BD Bionutrients™, including hydrolysates, cell culture media, and supplements, are used as critical components in the production of some of the most widely used drugs and vaccines on the global market today.


Biochrom AG, located in Berlin, Germany, is one of the leading European manufacturers of mammalian cell culture products. The production of sterile cell culture products is based on Biochrom's source of highly purified water that meets the Water for Injection (WFI) specification of the European Pharmacopoeia. Production incorporates a rigorous specification- and approval process and Biochrom has been officially GMP certified to process large volume liquids intended for the preservation of organs, tissues and cells. This standard covers the entire production chain, ensuring the highest quality level for all Biochrom AG cell culture products. ISO 9001:2008 certification further adds to Biochrom's strong commitment to quality products and service.

Products include Standard Cell Culture Media, Complete Media tailored for particular cell types, Custom Formulations, Antibiotics, Buffer and Solutions, Cell Culture Reagents, and Animal Sera of highest quality.

Through acquisition and ongoing R&D investment, Corning now offers a more comprehensive range of premium, innovative laboratory products and solutions for a wide spectrum of life science applications. Corning’s trusted, quality brands, backed by technical expertise, provide researchers with better ways to advance their research from the beginning of their process to the end.

The Corning®, Costar®, PYREX®,  Axygen®, Gosselin™ and FALCON® brands make Corning a global leader in consumable plastic laboratory tools for life science research.

About Corning Products

Since the introduction of our first products almost 100 years ago, laboratory professionals have come to rely on the Corning brand for quality products with features that make it easier to get work done. Whether cell culture, scale-up/bioprocess, or drug discovery, the Corning brand still delivers innovative vessels, advanced surfaces and quality media that help you get it right from the start.

About Discovery Labware Products
Discovery Labware develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products for cell biology, fluid handling, drug discovery, and ADME/Tox.  The Discovery Labware brands, including FALCON®, BioCoat™, and Matrigel®

About Falcon Products


Known the world over for the popular “Falcon Tubes", the Falcon brand has set the standard for high quality disposable plasticware for more than 50 years. Falcon branded tubes, pipets and cell culture products are designed to advance research and are used in laboratories worldwide. Manufactured from advanced bioanalytical-grade resins and extensively tested, Falcon plasticware ensures high quality, consistent, reliable results.